Save time and grow your T-Shirt Brand with FBT.

Since most you all are keen in creating your own brand of t-shirts including crop tops and hoodies, we have come up with a new idea of making your dreams come true. Fulfillment by Tees.lk (FBT) is an idea that Tees.lk

has come up to serve your dream of creating your own brand of t-shirt. By this you can create your own brand and sell t-shirts to customers.

How it works?

  • Step 01

    Create your brand

    Just come up with the name of your brand and create a website for it, that’s all you need to do.

  • Step 02

    Creating designs

    You can come up with your own designs or else you can get the help of our designers in designing it.

    Step 02

  • Step 03

    Promote your designs

    Promote your t-shirt, crop top and hoodie designs on social media so that you will be able to get orders

  • Step 04

    Let the customers order t-shirts from your online store

    Customers will start to order their favourite t-shirts from your online store

    Step 04

  • Step 05

    Get your t-shirts printed from us

    As everything is set now you can get your t-shirts printed by us for a low cost for you to sell it to your customers.

  • Step 06

    Shipping to the customers

    At last we will ship your orders to the customers with the help of some of the leading courier services in Sri Lanka.

    Step 06

  • Step 07

    Enjoy the profits

    As it says now it is time for enjoying profits.